June 2014 – A New Look for DEVhut

If you are a returning DEVhut user, you no doubt noticed the switch of our Theme.  Why you may ask?  Well, it was time to update the website coding to utilize the latest technologies such as: HTML5, CSS3, etc… so that the site could be accessible on all the latest technologies: tablet, phones, …

I tried to use a theme that would minimize any pains with the switch and retained the same side bars, menus, etc …  Should you notice any major problems, please feel free to drop me a line by using our Contact page.


Welcome to my IT & MS Access Database resource Website.

In the following pages you will find a collection of information that I have developed, while other answers were found by doing research and using newsgroups. All content is free for use by all, all I asks is that you acknowledge the original author when using their code by including a commented line indicating the source of the code wherever you use it.

Also, if you would like to see a post/article about a specific subject that has yet to be covered, please use the Contact page to send me your request.  I will do my best to address any requests I receive.

Please keep in mind that this site is for educational purposes and is not a support medium. I cannot answer individual questions. If you have specific questions, you would be best to post the in the appropriate forum.


Feel Free to Contribute

I am always looking to build this website. If you have pertinent information about MS Access or any other subject covered within this site that you are willing to share with the rest of the online community simply contact me or post a comment.

The following sections of this website are developed as time permits. If you find any errors or better methods of performing a task, please feel free to e-mail me the information.


The contents of this website are for educational purposes only. The owner and contributers of this site assume no liability for the use of any of the code, samples or content provided. The contents of this website may be altered and reused as you wish so long as the copyright notice is left unchanged (including Author, Website and Copyright). It may not be sold/resold or reposted on other sites (links back to this site are allowed).