Word – VBA – Print a Word Document

The following code will print out a word document.

' Procedure : PrintDoc
' Author    : CARDA Consultants Inc.
' Website   : http://www.cardaconsultants.com
' Purpose   : Print a Word Document
' Copyright : The following may be altered and reused as you wish so long as the
'             copyright notice is left unchanged (including Author, Website and 
'             Copyright).  It may not be sold/resold or reposted on other sites (links
'             back to this site are allowed).
' Input Variables:
' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
' strDoc - The path and filename of the document to be printes
' intCopies - The number of copies to be printed
' Usage:
' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
' PrintDoc("c:\management\evaluation.doc",1)
Function PrintDoc(strDoc As String, intCopies As Integer)
   Dim WordObj As Object
   Set WordObj = CreateObject("Word.Application")
   WordObj.Documents.Open strDoc
   WordObj.PrintOut Background:=False, Copies:=intCopies
   WordObj.Documents.Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges
   Set WordObj = Nothing
 End Function

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